Choosing Between Preventive and Predictive Maintenance for Your Business


Business owners and managers juggle the crucial task of ensuring their employees succeed while also keeping their equipment running smoothly for production. This means having a solid maintenance plan that fits the unique needs of their organization. Often, businesses have to decide between two main approaches: preventive and predictive maintenance, or sometimes a mix of both.

Preventive maintenance works by sticking to a set schedule, doing maintenance on each piece of equipment at various times throughout the year based on factors like how long they’ve been running and how old they are. On the other hand, predictive maintenance is a newer method that relies on fancy technology. It uses interconnected systems to predict when maintenance should be done, making it more flexible and efficient.

Choosing which approach to go with can be tough for many organizations. For additional helpful insights to help with that decision, please be sure to continue reading on to the resource supported alongside this post.


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